Video: The Super-Secret White Porsche Collection

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Blev medlem: 2004-03-29 20:44:32
Bilmodell: Porsche 951 CS
Årsmodell: 1991
Ort: Malmö

Video: The Super-Secret White Porsche Collection

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The Super-Secret White Porsche Collection" onclick=";return false;

In the hyperactive/hyper-competitive Porsche world, it can seem like there’s nothing truly new under the sun — no car undiscovered, no collection so obscure as to be unknown, and no collecting theme unexplored. Having said that, walking into one of the largest and most secretive Porsche collections in the world is a surreal enough experience, until the realization that nearly everything in it is white. It may be the closest vision of the ideal Porsche afterlife extant — the cars are white, the building is white, the walls are white, the floors are white, the furniture is white. If you make it past the front door — a feat in itself — you’re given two options: Wear socks, or cover your shoes in protective booties (white, of course). You’ll also have to drop your cell phone in a bucket until you leave; that’s white too, by the way.
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